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I’ve been told this is a “done deal” and the county has already committed to support the building of the reservoirs. Is this true?

No and yes.  It is certainly not a “done deal”,  although special interests would like you to think so.  There is a contract between the county and UTRA (Ralph Hall reservoir near Ladonia), but there is no water supply and distribution contract between Fannin County and NTMWD (Lower Bois D'Arc Creek Reservoir).

To clarify further, there is a memorandum of agreement (MOA) between FanninCounty and NTMWD which is not the final word.  Only the contract will determine the terms.  The MOA has some irregularities which did not favor the interest of the county as a whole, and must be rectified in the contract.  Under law, the contract must be negotiated and approved by the Fannin County Water Supply Agency (FCWSA) not the County Judge or Commissioner’s Court.  (Reference FCWSA By-Laws (http://www.fanninwater.org/documents/378/FCWSA_bylaws__Attachment_A_to_MOA_.pdf)

How can Fannin County increase property taxes enough to pay help for this reservoir? I don’t want my property taxes to go up!

FanninCounty would not increase property taxes at all. Fannin County Water Supply Agency (FCWSA) would issue water revenue bonds and the FCWSA is chartered under Texas State Law just like NTMWD (Lower Bois D’Arc Reservoir) and UTRA (Ralph Hall Reservoir), who also issue revenue  bonds.  These water revenue bonds would be repaid from the sale of water to a very thirsty DFW metroplex.  Excess revenue beyond the debt would go to the county and once paid in approximately 30 years, all revenue would go to the county.     

If we fail to get consideration from the sale of Fannin County water, taxpayers will subsidize the construction, repair to roads, increased costs of law enforcement, new schools to support families of the workers, etc.  Then your property taxes, and the cost of your water will go up, significantly!

What happens if Fannin County does nothing?

Powerful interests from outside the county will take the water and money from Fannin County. The county and its citizens will lose control of the richest resource the county has, forever!

Further, the county may be subject to water restrictions just as the metroplex is, even with water in the Fannin County reservoirs.  These restrictions would depend on the water needs of either NTMWD or UTRA, and not Fannin County!

What can I do as a Fannin County resident?

Educate yourself and others about this situation.  Contact your CountyCommissioner and Judge Creta L. Carter II to let them know your concerns.  Hold meetings with your local groups and get them involved in the  process.  There is no other issue more important to the prosperity and long term benefit of the citizens and county.